We are all struggling to find a balance between our work and the rest of lives. For many of us our work takes precedent over our personal needs. This trend is compounded by the overwhelming amount of digital media and cyber information we are exposed to. All the more reason to take a pause, and hit the reset button, so that you can regain a lifestyle that creates a work life balance.

Through the practice of yoga and wellness coaching, you will learn to manage stress and create a lifestyle that is life-enhancing for you. You will feel healthier, have more energy, and look more radiant. Connect to your deeper self and unleashing the mystery of who you really are. Cultivate the courage to shift your lifestyle and live your life more fully, in balance. I invite you to take the first step on the path of transformation.

Ai teaches work life balance through yoga and wellness.

Your First Step

The most challenging part of making a sustainable shift in life is to take the first step. Through wellness coaching, you will create a long-term vision and attainable and measurable short-term goals. Through yoga practice, you will begin to gain physical strength, flexibility, and endurance, as your mind begins to cultivate mindfulness around your daily lifestyle.

A Balanced Life

As you move forward with your yoga practice and wellness coaching, you will experience a positive change in your body and mind. Through cultivation of body and breath awareness you will begin to close the gap between where you are currently and what you desire to be. Your practice will result in a reduction of the stress you experience and an increased feeling of balance.

Your Higher Self

You are now ready to discover that which is most important to you in your life. With practice you will gain new perspectives on how to align your life and follow your vision. You will learn to create a habit of making choices that are the most life-affirming to you. An accumulation of small shifts will result in a greater transformation of your being that will last a lifetime.

Yoga Teacher

I offer powerful yet mindful alignment-based vinyasa classes for all levels of practice. Each class has a life affirming philosophical theme that connects with biomechanical alignment to deepen your experience of mind-body connection.

Wellness Coach

Through individual coaching sessions, I help clients discover their “best selves,” with a new, holistic emphasis on well-being. Depending on your time and resources, there are multiple packages to get you closer to your vision.


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